Monday, July 13, 2009

Design Reboot: SIN Episodes (Part II)

Monday, July 13, 2009
Continued from the previous post, here are character redesigns and dossiers.

Ocuban - Syndrone

Largely a cypher as most FPS protagonists are damned to be, at least John Blade now has the dignity of shedding the vinyl vest and leather and chromed jackboots. He sports a hand-made SMG reminiscent of a vz. 61 chambered in a rifle caliber, dangerous and short-ranged. The leather shoulder holster is for laughs and for show.

Jessica Cannon is a harder woman than she looks or her wardrobe might suggest. She eschews "The Tactical" for a lower profile in public, just another affordably pretty face. Then the heirloom paratrooper M2, kneepad and mag-purse come out of the trunk. She has had a long and mostly business relationship with Blade.

JC is a huge dork, but very capable at his job as the hacker/support character of the group.

SinTek's property guards and shock troopers are in bondage, body and soul. Company store tactics keep them without other employment opportunities; some just really like the outfit. Their weapons can be carefully reverse engineered to operate region-free, if you know someone who can do the work.

Elexis Sinclair looks nothing like her baby picture. She hasn't left her penthouse for the last seven years. Guests invited to rare semiannual events there sign extensive waivers and are allowed no recording equipment of any kind. Her latest event left a body in a dumpster.


Anonymous said...

Man, I think you really nailed the Sin redesigns with a lot of originality. One thing that is very common in games is to see all the characters come from the same general spectrum. This is good idea if you are trying to push an especially original game-world, but for something more grounded in reality it is nice to have some of the characters show a bit more restraint.

Here, the more normal designs of the main characters really show the contrast between normal people and Elexis and her goons. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

jessica cannon looks pretty goofy

Dread Lord CyberSkull said...

This looks way better than what I remember of SiN.

gauss said...

Well, I try. Looking back I think the perspective is doing me no favors, but I did try and put a more interesting spin on the world and the characters, which I think are fairly solid.

Anonymous said...

I am actually reading the whole content of the web site and I have to say I am impressed... but here and there some pictures are missing, the problem being here, where the whole point is the pictures, I can see nothing of it... Would you have a solution?
Thanks again for sharing your work!

gauss said...

Thank you for alerting me. I am having some website issues--some of the pictures were linked to my portfolio site which has seen fit to die at the moment, but I've fixed the images here and will attend to any missing images elsewhere. Hope the pictures were worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you, you were so quick to react I thought the problem was caused by my (still searching for an adjective that does not involve personnal hygiene or parts of my anatomy) connection... if you want a list of the few missing images I gathered so far here they are (don't know if it will help but just in case):

gauss said...

All the images should be replaced with a host on blogger (the start of all this trouble in the first place)--thanks again for letting me know what's broken.

Anonymous said...

thank you for being so quick and reliable, I know understand why everybody before me was amazed by these pictures, they're stunning!
Great job!

Anonymous said...

Blade - I like it, but i'd say this would look bland in a video game, more suitable for a TV screen.
Jessica - ha-ha, no-no-no. That skirt looks unpractical, that knee-uh, thing doesn't add anything, the gun looks like something from WW2, and what's with the pregnancy pose?
JC - not bad, i appreciate the Quake shirt, but original JC looked very different from Blade, and that contrast enhanced both Blade and JC. This one looks like a bulky man, and in the end we get two bulky dudes, almost no contrast.
Soldiers - i'd went with the bondage too, but this thing doesn't look practical at all. I can imagine them falling and bouncing down the stairs like a newbie in a mascot suit.
Elexis - great body and costume design, but the face is too bland for such character as Elexis. A wicked smile, look of superiority, exposed teeth, any of this would look better on her.

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